Rental Application

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COMPLETED APPLICATION: Each adult applicant that will contribute to any portion of the rent and/or utilities must provide all information requested on the application.

INCOME: Total gross monthly income must be a minimum of 3 times the monthly rent.

  1. A current paycheck stub from the employer will be required if we are unable to verify income over the phone.
  2. Verifiable income will be required for unemployed applicants. (Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to; Bank Accounts, Alimony/Child Support, Trust Accounts, Social Security, Unemployment, Welfare, Grants/Loans)
  3. Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous year’s tax return.
  4. If total gross monthly income does not equal 3 times the stated monthly rent then a last month’s rent will be required in addition to the first month’s rent and security deposit before move-in.
  5. If total gross monthly income is less than 2.5 times the rent, your application will be denied.
  6. You will be denied if your source of income cannot be verified.

CREDIT HISTORY: The history must lack significant or repeated delinquencies or nonpayment.  Significant debt will require a security deposit equal to 1 month’s rent.

RENTAL HISTORY: We rely on you to provide us with information so that we can easily contact past landlords.  Inability to verify rental history is grounds for denial.  Rental history is acceptable if it can be verified to be accurate, previous managers would rent to you again, rental payments were made on time, lease obligations have been fulfilled, damage to current and past apartments have been minimal, and security deposits have been returned.  Eviction judgments may result in denial.

BEHAVIOR AT PAST RESIDENCES: We look for proof that you were cooperative in remedying any complaints or problems and that there was no significant problems with trash removal, property damage, guests, noise, pets, or general sanitation.

CONVICTION RECORD: No applicant will be accepted for residence that has been placed on probation, paroled, released from incarceration or paid a fine within the past two years for offenses substantially related to housing, such as violence to persons, destruction of property, drug manufacture, delivery, or sale offense, or disturbance of neighbors.

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